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Although the motivation for the project came about due to academic research, good Compliance and ethics practices were fundamental to understand that only with a profound change in social culture, we will be able to change the corruption scenario that permeates public investments and thus change the world hunger scenario. In this way, it is very evident that people go hungry because they do not have food for everyone, but because we do not use compliance practices as guidelines for management and social justice.

Caroline Silva 



"May our actions be the seeds that will germinate in the heart of each person and that their fruits be the awareness that having food on the plate is everyone's right".


Caroline Silva

A Macoxi

MISSION - Feed the largest number of people with the project's products.


VISION - The Macoxi brand for the world consolidates itself as a symbol of fighting hunger.


VALUES - Take care of food security in the world and distribute love through food dishes.