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The Macoxi character is the project's identity! She is an 8 year old, adventurous little girl, loves to learn about all subjects and likes to share what she learns with people, especially with children. She is happy and loves to live life, but she is sad when she discovers that there are problems in the world such as hunger and poverty.


The 8-year-old Macoxi is a children's version that will speak in its strings on issues that educate children about the importance of taking care of nature to guarantee food that comes from the land for everyone.


She also teaches on various topics, such as friendship, family, love, school, education, citizenship, respect for the elderly, love and other pertinent subjects that I believe are important to help parents educate their children in a fun and rhymed way through of the poems (Cordéis).



”If bees disappear from the face of the earth, humanity would only have four more years of existence. This quote, which is, moreover, falsely attributed to Einstein, could be verified soon. Beekeepers and experts from around the world draw the attention of governments against the use of pesticides that kill bees, neunicotinoids. ”


Melvin is the inseparable friend of the Macoxi. He accompanies Macoxi in all his adventures and is often her protector and advisor. The idea of ​​choosing a bee as Macoxi's friend and mascot for the project was to remind people of the importance of bees to the feeding process. Because bees today are threatened with extinction, And for those who don't know, bees are on the list of animals in danger of extinction.


According to research carried out by the Center for the Study of Occupational Health and Human Ecology - (CESTEH): The results obtained in 20 months of collection show that there are approximately 15,000 colonies of bees eliminated, of which 90% are honey bees and 10% are stingless bees. "This corresponds to at least 9 million dead bees, 90% due to the action of pesticides," says Professor Gonçalves, retired professor at USP and visiting professor at UFERSA in Mossoró -RN.

Without bees, we have no pollination and consequently nothing that is planted or cultivated in the land will actually exist. This means that the world hunger situation will only get worse. So the idea is for everyone to fall in love with Melvin and remember him whenever they see and think about real life bees.




Cartoon of our creator and official logo of the project with INPI registration and E-brands. It will also be used in stories, campaigns and products with themes aimed at the adult audience.

All illustrations, strands, and stories are registered with the National Library to guarantee copyright! law 9.610 / 98.