Although the Macoxi Project for the world aims to generate food dishes, the project wants to go further, as we believe that only education can transform the world hunger scenario. Because small habits can have a big impact for the next generations to enjoy a new world, where the awareness of having food on the plate is everyone's right!


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Hi , I'm Macoxi and this is my friend, Melvin! We want to help you build a better world, so we will let you know how we should take care of nature and how we can help our friend Melvin to guarantee, through pollination, that we will have food for everyone !!!!




Children, do you know when you feel that hunger, and at the time you remember a very delicious meal, from mom, dad, aunty, uncle, grandma or grandpa? because when the hunger comes, how about inviting a friend to eat with you? After all, sharing with your little friend is much cooler !!!! Macoxi is hungry !!!


Do you know that joy of being able to eat the food you like most? yes, Macoxi ate what she likes best, which is fish, rice and manioc flour, but she ended up putting more food on the plate than would fit in her tummy, and so she has this face that she doesn't know what do! And now? Calm down Macoxi, your parents said you can save it to eat later! But don't forget, put on your plate only what fits in your tummy, as the food cannot go to the Trash !!! So, nothing to waste !!



Little friends, Macoxi is very angry, because Melvin just said that bees can go into extinction !!! Do you know what that means? (EXTINCTION = DISAPPEAR)!! Did you know that Melvin and his friends bees can DISAPPEAR?
Macoxi needs your help to take care of the bees! can you help us? Bees spread the pollen in the plantations, so we have vegetables, fruits and many other foods! This means that if they go unappreciated, we will have no more food !!!!
Let's take care of the bees and our nature !!!!!!




Friends, Macoxi is very happy because she discovered a secret of nature! Melvin told her that the real food comes from the earth, through a seed, which receives water, fertilizer, sun and love, and thus a little plant sprouts, which will grow and generate food for everyone !!! So we need to take care of nature !!!!!