What is the Ifeed  seal?


What is the Ifeed  seal?


The Eualimento seal is an initiative of the Project to Fight Hunger Macoxi around the world so that companies and brands can have the opportunity to contribute to the cause of the fight against hunger! Companies and brands that adopt this seal will communicate to their consumers, and especially to society, that their company has social responsibility.


By loading our stamp in the form of a plate, you show that your business goes far beyond producing profit, you add even more value to your product or service, since you generate food dishes through Macoxi around the world! The Eualimento seal works as a monthly subscription of 12 months in the amount of R$ 61.00, this value represents complementary meals, that is, rice and beans in the dish of those who need it!


In order to be transparent and correct with our signatures, after signing through the button above, the interested party will be directed to a link that formalized the payment and later a "term of commitment of the 12 months of subscription" will be sent to the signer can receive the accountability reports of the amounts paid on donated meals and also the guidance manual for applying the seal.


For more information, just use the form below or by e-mail: macoxipelomundo@gmail.com